3 Unique Facts About IBS

Learning that you have irritable bowel syndrome or IBS isn’t exactly a trip to Disneyland— in fact, it can be quite embarrassing. As a condition that things like abdominal pain accompanied by diarrhea, constipation, or alternating bouts of both, IBS is beyond frustrating to many patients. And although there is no current cure for this disease, we at Vanguard Gastroenterology can diagnose and treat it so that you can live a more comfortable life with minimal symptoms.

To help you better understand this disease, let’s take a closer look at three unique facts.

It Can Cause Anxiety

Many patients are unaware of just how interconnected their body is. Did you know that your gut is responsible for a large portion of your immune system and the production of serotonin which is the chemical that helps balance brain function and reduces the incidence of depression and anxiety? Which means that when your gut is out of balance, you can experience symptoms like anxiety and headaches.

It’s More Prevalent In Women

If you and your girlfriends all have IBS, it’s not that surprising. In fact, two-thirds of patients with IBS are women according to recent studies.

You Need A Real Diagnosis

It’s easy for patients to self-diagnose these days. All you have to do is get online, Google your symptoms and voila: you have a diagnosis. And although a self-diagnosis may be beneficial for some people, we don’t recommend it— especially when it comes to IBS. The main reason for this is that sometimes, IBS symptoms are the same as more serious diseases which need more extensive treatment. When you come into our Vanguard Gastroenterology office, we will perform a variety of tests to help give you the proper diagnosis.

Having abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, headaches, anxiety, and nausea are just some of the symptoms that patients with IBS experience. If you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis, schedule an appointment at our office today Call us.