Dr. Right

Colonoscopies are life saving procedures. Colon cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in both men and women in the United States despite this amazing tool. It is recommended that the average adult begin screenings at the age of 50. Not only does it matter when you begin screenings, but also who performs your screenings.

Why A Gastroenterologist?

Studies show that a certified gastroenterologist is the right doctor to perform your colonoscopy. While some general surgeons and even primary care doctors may offer this service, they may not be your best option. Gastroenterologists are heavily trained to identify colonic abnormalities like adenomas and polyps before they become larger or cancerous. Plus gastroenterologists perform many more colonoscopies each year, making them very comfortable and familiar with the procedure. It is important to choose a doctor that is skilled in their area of expertise.

How Can Vanguard Help?

At Vanguard Gastroenterology all of our doctors are board certified gastroenterologists. That means that no matter which Vanguard Gastroenterology office you visit, you will have a board certified gastroenterologist to evaluate you, your history and make a recommendation on when you should begin colon health screenings.

What Should I Do?

If you are age 50 or older and have never had a colon health screening, call us Vanguard Gastroenterology today and schedule an appointment. At each of our convenient locations we have a board certified gastroenterologist to provide the care you deserve. Don’t delay this life saving tool. Make an appointment today.