Fall Into Flavor, A Sharma Family Recipe

Dear Readers,

I know this is the time of the year that brings a collage of foods, drinks, and seasonal energy to the table. Food is quintessential to many things, including life and connection. We can use this as a bridge with one another. Thanksgiving is a time of being grateful. Growing up as a first generation Indian-American, it was the one-time period that seemed to connect me to both cultures. In that spirit, I’d like to discuss connections of different spices, fruit, and vegetables that are often dismissed.

We have talked about turmeric and fenugreek, but why leave out the fruits? Many who know me are aware that my foundation comes from my family. From my parents to my siblings, we always used food as a way to show each other how we cared. I remember cooking with my siblings trying to surprise our parents.

So now I share with you something we created and would happily serve to our parents. This is something close to my heart. My brother and I would try and feed our parents with new creations. You see, my parents gave their lives to us. We always wanted to somehow pay them back. But, between their fasts, dietary restrictions, and personal tastes, we became very creative in how we would cook.

One snack, which we called the “Samar special,” in my brother’s honor, was a hit.

Bananas are more than the Chiquita lady’s accessory. They’re actually a high source of potassium. Potassium is an essential electrolyte in our bodies, from the heart to the gut. Potassium works with numerous receptors in our body. It contributes to overall functionality. Along with that, they are part of the B-vitamin family which are important in nerves, blood counts, and circulation. Biotin is also an often forgotten nutrient. Biotin is essential for many non-gastrointestinal aspects of health, including hair and nail growth. Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin that is aids in processing fat and sugars, which clearly is a part of the pathway to creating fat in the body.

In another episode we will discuss white and black pepper, which has the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radial Absorption Capacity, a measure of its being antioxidant) value of any food.

So as you can see, you combine these wonderful spices and herbs with what is looked at as plain fruit and you can find something to be thankful for.

Samar’s Special

What you Need:


Lemons: depending on how many bananas you, anticipate one lemon per two bananas

Ground black pepper

Two Yellow tomatoes

¼ tablespoon grilled cumin seeds

¼ tablespoon cut cilantro

Salt and black pepper to taste


Peal the bananas and cut them into halves.

Cut lemons and squeeze their juice to surround the banana haves.

Take the yellow tomatoes and cute them in quarters.

Pre grill your cumin seeds for thirty seconds then immediately add them on the tomato slices.

For the bananas, add salt, pepper, and chili powder.


Options: shredded cilantro, blueberry chili sauce, grilled asparagus (which does amazing with lemon and pepper).