Five Signs You Should Get Screened For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer can be a scary thing to think about. Right now in the America, it is the 3rd most common cancer for men and the 4th most common for women. The American Cancer Society suggests that screening for colon cancer should begin at age 50 and younger for those who have a genetic history that includes colon cancer, long term ulcerative colitis, or colon polyps. Colon cancer mostly forms from polyps, so removal can help as a preventative measure. If you are not sure if you should get screened, here are five signs that indicate a screening with your doctor is a good idea.

  1. Change in stool consistency, different color, smell, texture that persists for more than a few days.
  2. Diarrhea (lasting more than a few days)
  3. Constipation (lasting more than a few days)
  4. Unexplained weight loss or gain accompanied with gas pains and bloating that lasts for more than a few days.
  5. Passing blood with or instead of stool.

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of symptoms. In fact, early stages of colon cancer may have no discernible symptoms at all. It’s also important to consider the fact that colon cancer is a malignant tumor that develops along the inner wall of the large intestines. The presence of these colon polyps typically show no symptoms, so regular screening is vital. Screening for cancer can be done by a barium enema or by colonoscopy with a biopsy showing cancerous tissue. Treatment options for dealing with colon cancer can vary depending on your health, extent of the cancer, as well as it’s location. Surgery is by far the most common treatment, but other treatments have been used with success as well. If you are concerned about the idea that you might have colon cancer, see your doctor and get screened as soon as you can. If you live in the NY metro area and are in need of a physician, click here.

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