Foods To Boost Brain Power This Semester

Kick this semester off right with the right diet to help you perform at your highest academic level. The Alzheimer’s Association says that A “brain-healthy diet” is “one that reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, encourages good blood flow to the brain.”

Wild Salmon

The omega-3 fatty acid DHA is the major polyunsaturated fatty acid found in the brain. Eating food rich in omega-3’s, like wild-caught salmon, can improve brain function such as reasoning, listening, responding, and overall mood.


This leafy green is packed with nutrients like folate, and the hard-to-obtain float, vitamin E, and vitamin K, which can help to prevent dementia. A 2006 Neurology study revealed that eating three servings of leafy green, yellow and cruciferous vegetables a day can delay cognitive decline by 40 percent!

Green Tea

According to Psychology Today, polyphenols can actually protect the brain from wear. Moreover, it protects your mental state by helping in the production of dopamine.


There is a reason we eat eggs in the morning. Studies have found that choline intake can improve memory, and egg yolks are among the richest and easiest natural sources of choline.

Dark Chocolate

There are many benefits to consuming small quantities of dark chocolate. One of the best uses of dark chocolate comes from its natural stimulant: caffeine. Dark chocolate can help you to focus your energy.

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