Hosting Your Colonoscopy Prep Party – Attendees: You Et La Toilette

Colonoscopy preps don’t have to be a pain in the butt. Just think of it as… a party! Here are some tips to help you get this party started.

  • Get a personalized prep plan from your doctor. Like any party coordinator, every doctor has a plan!
  • For some people, the party gets started rather quickly after beginning the prep. Arrange for a full day of privacy the day of your prep.
  • Every good party has a wide assortment of libations. A liquid diet is usually prescribed about 12 hours before starting the regimen. Be sure that you’ve purchased the appropriate liquids ahead of time. Water gets boring. Switch out between Gatorade and clear broth.
  • It is rude to stuff your face at a party. Eat light and easy-to-digest foods leading up to the big day. Remember: What goes in, must ultimately come out…
  • Prepare to spend the majority of your day on the toilet. Bring a book.
  • Soft toilet paper is a must. Make sure you’ve got a lot of it.
  • Air freshener to keep the party fresh.
  • To reduce any anal discomfort, use adult wet wipes or a water spray to clean the rectal area instead of toilet paper.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions. You wouldn’t want to have to do the prep all over again because you didn’t get it right the first time.
  • Last but not least, be sure to make plans for your spouse during prep time. Once they “catch wind” that you are getting a colonoscopy, they won’t be leaving you alone.

So cheers and bottoms up! There’s nothing here to be afraid of.

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