Hungry? Reach For These Filling Foods

Those of you who are trying to lose weight, or are just trying to maintain a healthy one, know that often times it can be a daily struggle. Especially when your stomach begins to rumble, then any thought or intention of eating healthy can go right out the window. It doesn’t help that many live such fast paced lives and are always on the go, which can often lead people to develop bad eating habits. Always being on the move can also make you hungry too, which is why finding the right type of foods that will satisfy you for the long haul is essential.

If you want to maintain a healthy weight, or need help losing weight, eating high-protein, healthy foods that will keep you full for the longest amount of time will help you achieve your goal. It can be very difficult to lose weight if you feel like you’re starving! Eating filling foods will also keep those who are always on the go satisfied for longer. If you want to feel satisfied longer after you eat, go for these delicious choices:


Even though raspberries are small, they pack a mighty punch. In fact, they are often times thought of as natures magical “weight loss pill.” The secret is that raspberries contain more liquid and fiber than most other fruits, so they will help you feel satisfied without expanding your waistline.


These mollusks are lean and meaty, as they deliver in volume and protein despite their size. A 6-ounce serving of scallops can contain up to 21 grams of protein, and about 80% of this mollusks weight comes from water!


While not so nice on the eyes, prunes are a sweet and satisfying snack. Filled with healthy antioxidants, prunes are a high-fiber food, which will help you feel fuller for longer.


While it can make you gassy, broccoli is an excellent choice as it’s packed with vitamins A and C. In addition, broccoli will help satisfy your need of fiber, and will quench your hunger with a good heap of protein.

Chia Seeds

Remember chia pets? Chia seeds are not just good for your viewing pleasure, they also act as a natural appetite suppressant! 1 ounce of chia seeds delivers up to 5 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, so they really help put the brakes on hunger.


Besides delivering a healthy amount of probiotics to your gut, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein. However, some varieties of yogurt can contain a lot of sugar, so be sure to pick out one that’s low in sugar.


Eating a warm bowl of oatmeal can be very comforting on a cold morning, but it can also help manage your weight by making you feel full for longer. High in fiber, oatmeal can easily be combined with other items from this list to create a healthy, filling breakfast!


Chickpeas, lentils and beans aren’t just good for your health, they are also full of filling fiber. In fact, a ½ cup of cooked cannellini, pinto, or black beans contains an average of 8 grams of protein and between 6 to 8 grams of fiber.


Nuts are a delicious, convenient way to curb your hunger while keeping calories under control as long as you limit your portions to 1 ounce or less. Naturally packed with essential vitamins, healthy fat, fiber, and protein, nuts will make a gratifying snack.


One of the more satiating vegetables around, carrots contain a high amount of water. Besides being low on calories, carrots will help keep you and your eyes healthy by being packed with beta carotene, and full of antioxidants. In addition, carrots are also a good source of protein and fiber; as a cup of sliced, raw carrots contain up to 14% of your daily requirements for fiber.

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