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Lactose Intolerance New York, NY

3 Things to Know About Lactose Intolerance

In a world where it seems like just about everybody you know has some food allergy or intolerance, it can be hard to know what is an upset stomach versus what is a condition like lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is a condition that is caused by a person’s inability to fully digest lactose which is […]

5 Facts About Colon Cancer

March is colon cancer awareness month which means that we at Concorde Gastroenterology, have one thing on our minds: colon cancer screening. One of the things that we strive to do for our patients is to give them the information they need to feel more informed. Here are five helpful facts about colon cancer. Fact […]

Colon Cancer | Concorde Gastroenterology | New York, NY

Colon Cancer Awareness

Potty talk isn’t exactly something you want to bring to the kitchen table, but sometimes, it is necessary. With colon cancer awareness month around the corner, we think that now is better than ever to delve into some colon cancer statistics, the importance of cancer screenings, and even some signs of colon cancer. Colon Cancer […]

Constipation Treatment | Concorde Gastro NYC, NY

Let’s Talk About Chronic Constipation

Your bowel movements aren’t necessarily something most people feel comfortable talking about with friends and family members at the dinner table, but if you haven’t had one in a few days, then it may be all you can think about. Chronic constipation is a condition that can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful in some […]

Healthy Snacks | Concorde Gastro NYC

Healthy Snack Options – The Super Bowl Edition

The time has come to watch what has become one of the most revered sports competitions! It’s almost time for Super Bowl Sunday. While watching the Eagles square off with the Patriots (this being Tom Brady’s 8thSuper bowl!), we would like to provide some healthy snack options to inspire your palate as you cheer for […]

Liver Disease Treatment New York, NY

Understanding Chronic Liver Disease Diagnoses

Did you know that 3.9 million people in the United States have Chronic Liver Disease? If either you or a family member thinks that you may have this disease, you, like most people, may not know much about it. Luckily, here at Concorde Gastroenterology, we have a few bits of helpful information to make you […]

Colonoscopy NYC, NY

How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

If you just celebrated your 50th birthday, a big congratulations is in order! Not only did you just celebrate a significant milestone but now you get to celebrate living a healthy life by doing things like getting a colonoscopy from Concorde Gastroenterology. Although a colonoscopy may not sound like your idea of a good time, […]

When Seasonal Allergies Take A Turn For The Worse

Most people get excited when the seasons change, spring arrives, weather becomes more pleasant, and they can spend more time outside. However, there is a growing group of people who might not rejoice at the change of season due to a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis. This condition of the gastrointestinal tract has very similar symptoms […]


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