Posts From February, 2017

Have You Ever Heard Of SIBO?

Gastrointestinal issues are rarely at the top of anyone’s list of hot topics to discuss. We have learned to feel embarrassed by GI symptoms, despite the fact that everyone has them, and they usually suffer silently pacing the pharmacy aisles trying to find relief. While that is OK for some things, persistent GI issues should […]

The Test All Baby Boomers Should Get

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? If so, you are considered a Baby Boomer and could be one of the 2.3 million Americans infected with hepatitis C. Hep C is a virus that attacks the liver and can result in lifelong chronic conditions. Hepatitis C is contracted by coming into contact with blood from […]

Take Care Of Your Heart And Reduce Risk Of Colon Cancer!

February is filled with hearts, Valentines and love which makes it the perfect month for heart disease awareness. Heart disease is a broad term that covers everything from high blood pressure to coronary artery disease and even heart rhythm changes. While heart disease can be hereditary, our diets, levels of activity and lifestyle choices such […]


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