Asthma Sufferers … Take Note!

It is common for two medical conditions to occur together and one of those dynamic duos is gastric reflux and asthma. Gastric reflux is caused by stomach acid that rises from the stomach and causes irritation to the lining of the throat. Gastric reflux or heartburn can worsen asthma symptoms because of the narrowing of the throat from acid irritation. This can cause worsening shortness of breath and coughing. If you have asthma and feel like your symptoms are not as well controlled on your medicines talk with your doctor about a better plan.

Gastric reflux can also manifest as heartburn, chest pain, difficulty swallowing or feeling like something is stuck in your throat. While your doctor may suggest that you take a medicine to control acid production in your stomach, there are other things you can try to help control your symptoms. Try avoiding foods that may make your acid reflux worse such as caffeine, fatty foods, chocolate and alcohol. Not smoking will improve reflux symptoms. Gravity will keep stomach acid where it belongs so stay upright after eating a meal and try sleeping with your head of bed elevated.

Remember that because these symptoms can overlap to other conditions you should take all your medications as prescribed and talk with your doctor at Concorde Gastro about how you feel. We have several convenient locations. While it may seem black and white that isn’t always the case.

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