Colon Cancer Awareness Month: How to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Colon Cancer

Reduce Your Chances of Getting Colon Cancer | Concorde Gastroenterology

With colon cancer awareness month just around the corner, we at Concorde Gastroenterology want all of our planets to learn a few ways to reduce your risk of getting this cancer. Even though these tips aren’t necessarily fool proof, they will help to regulate your bowel movements and help your colon stay healthy. Let’s take a closer look at a few basic things that you can do.

Eat Lots of Vegetables, Fruits, and Whole Grains

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are your colons best friend. Why? Because for the most part, they contain a lot of fiber and the more fiber you get, the more regular your bowel movements will be.

Get Regular Exercise

Getting regular exercise is great for all parts of your body; including your digestive system. If you live a fairly sedentary life where you sit for most of the day, consider getting up every hour or so and going on a walk or try taking the stairs at work. Even though these things may sound like small things to do, any form of moving is great for your digestive health and your colon.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Studies have shown that individuals who are obese are more likely to develop colon cancer than those who are of a healthy weight. Specifically, patients who have developed type II diabetes because of their weight are at a greater risk of getting cancer later on.

Colon Cancer ChallengeGet Regular Screenings

The number one thing that we encourage our patients to do is get regularly checked for colon cancer. It used to be that patients over the age of 50 were encouraged to get regular colonoscopies. However, the American Cancer Association now recommends that patients start getting regular screenings at age 45. If you are 45 or older, make sure that you contact our office and schedule your screening.

Getting regularly screened for colon cancer and making some lifestyle changes are great ways for you to lower your chances of getting cancer or from it spreading quickly. To learn more about colon cancer and colon cancer screenings, contact one of our NYC offices today at 212-889-5544.

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