Fake News, Real Illness

You can’t trust everything you read online. And you don’t, usually. But then you experience an unfamiliar symptom. So you do some internet research. Now, not only do you feel overwhelmed by the diagnoses you’ve discovered, but you’re also being bombarded by alternative medical suggestions. Don’t get this vaccine. Do take this vitamin. And all of this biased or unfounded information is brought to you by “America’s most trusted wellness doctors,” who sell pills through their websites.

Keep Taking Your Meds

Fake news is everywhere today. You absolutely should discuss which injections and supplements may be right for you with your gastroenterology specialist. However, supplemental therapies are not meant to replace your prescription medication. These treatment options work in concert with the medicine you take daily to keep your gut healthy. Patients who stop taking prescriptions without the supervision of their GI doctor often see symptoms return. At the next gastroenterology visit, their exam and blood work may have poor results.

You Can’t Treat Yourself

Based on digital information alone, even from reputable websites, it’s impossible to treat a long-term or life-threatening illness by yourself. Remember, marketing materials about alternative remedies do not have FDA approval, whereas traditional medicine publications are scrutinized and qualified. Your GI specialist is your partner in health and can recommend the highest quality news and supplement sources. But bear in mind, just like online medical articles, supplements may have limited benefits.

You Can Protect Yourself

It’s crucial not to undo your progress or sabotage your success. Remain vigilant about what you read and put in your body. Stay on your meds and consult with your gastroenterologist regularly, especially before changing your lifestyle. Schedule your appointment at a Concorde Gastroenterology location to explore comprehensive treatment options with a leading gastroenterologist in NYC.

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