The Bad Guy Gluten

Why does it seem like gluten is suddenly the bad guy? Gluten, a protein found wheat, barley and rye, is often avoided by people for different health reasons or maybe just because they felt better when they didn’t have it. Gluten sensitivity has not been recognized by the medical community and the feeling has been that if you do not have Celiac disease then you should have no problem with gluten. Despite this opinion, people still have relief from bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue and headaches when gluten is avoided.

A recent study shows that it is possible to have a sensitivity to wheat without being gluten intolerant. This study looked at people with and without Celiac disease and took blood samples while they were on a non-restricted diet, meaning they were eating gluten containing foods. The results were consistent with intestinal cell damage and showed an immune response. After a period of time without gluten the tests were redrawn and the gluten sensitive people showed improvements in their blood work in addition to how they felt. Based on this study, gluten sensitivity is real and should be taken seriously.

If you feel like you may have problems with gluten talk with your doctor about testing options to find out if your are gluten intolerant or sensitive. You can also try a diet restriction and monitor for symptom changes.

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