Prunes Are Getting More Respect

It’s a well known fact that prunes help maintain regularity, but new research is now suggesting that they can also reduce the risk of colon cancer–a disease that is expected to be the cause of nearly 49,700 deaths nationwide this year. The reason is simple: prunes help our microbiota stay healthy, and those very same microbiota help reduce the inflammation that leads to colon cancer.

The study was done by Texas A&M AgriLife professor, Dr. Nancy Turner, and colleagues. In the study, rats were fed a controlled diet of prunes. The scientists found that the rats consuming the prunes had a significantly reduced number of early precancerous lesions that are often a strong indicator for cancer development.

While this new discovery has not yet been tested on humans, the results are exciting, especially considering the effect they may have on colon cancer. Of course, the best prevention for colon cancer is screening by colonoscopy. If you are 50 years of age or older, it’s time get screened. Colon cancer is 90% curable if caught early. You can find answers to all of your questions here on our website. The physicians at Vanguard Gastro want to keep you healthy! call us today.

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