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Reviews Dr. Brettholz

Patient Reviews for Dr. Brettholz at Vanguard Gastroenterology in New York , NY

Vanguard Gastroenterology Provides 5 Star Health Care Providers and Medical Service in New York City, NY

Patient Reviews for Vanguard Gastroenterology in New York City, NY
Doctor was very patient and kind, listened to my concerns and answer to all the questions I had.
Dr. Brettholz made me feel very comfortable. He has excellent bedside manner and spoke about different treatment options.
I would definitely recommend. Great experience, very thankful to the doctor for his help.
Very professional and highly knowledgeable. Dr was also friendly and made me comfortable to speak.
Great visit, he was clear and listened to my issue with care. I definitely recommend him.
Excellent medical care, nice staff, very professional.
Awesome. He is a kind compassionate doctor, and his staff were wonderful. Exactly how a doctor’s appointment should be.
Excellent provider, explains and takes his time to make sure the patient understands what is being conveyed.
Me and my wife are patients of Dr. Brettholz and we love him.
Dr. Brettholz is very attentive and spends lots of time listening and explaining my treatment.
Dr. was thorough and patient. He listened attentively and explained things very well.
Dr. Brettholz is great, and makes talking about an uncomfortable topic (stomach issues/bowel movements) easy.
Truly appreciate Dr Brettholz. He is extremely thorough and totally my mind at ease. High recommendations!
I have been his patient for 30+ years and my appointments are always good.
I have been his patient for 30+ years and my appointments are always good. He was very professional and I felt that he cared about my issues and tried to resolve them very helpful and caring doctor. No wait time at all and very knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend.
Such a nice doctor. He made me feel really comfortable while his staff was very sweet and professional.
Friendly and warm! Thank you for that especially when the stress levels are a bit elevated!
I have several good doctors in several specialties . Dr Brettholtz is the best !
Dr. Brettholz is great. Very knowledgeable. I’ve been seeing him for years.
He carefully listened, asked the right questions. I was very impressed by thoroughness.
I felt I had come to the right doctor to finally solve my mefical problem.
Awesome! Very informative with solutions presented. Could not ask for more!
Extremely knowledgeable and easy to speak with. Makes you feel comfortable.
He is the finest GI Physician ever to practice in the history of Medicine.
Great doctor. Super efficient office. Very thorough, great sense of humor.
Dr. Brettholz was extremely professional and caring. Highly recommended.
He provided great information and his bedside manner were exceptional.
Very nice, respectful, and was able to diagnose the problem quickly.
Great…he’s a very smart, thorough and dedicated doctor !
Very professional and kind. Excellent diagnostician.
very friendly and personable, would recommend to others.
He was caring knowledgeable and completely earnest.
Very friendly doctor! Had a endoscopy done not long ago by him and he did a great job! No pain or throat soreness and he made sure i was good to go after the procedure!
He was great, highly recommend
Great visit with Dr. Brettholtz, He was a good listener as I explained my issue. He immediately knew what was wrong. He was very conversational and made me feel comfortable during my appointment.
I’ve been a patient of Dr Brettholz for many years. He is without a doubt one of my favorite doctors. I trust him implicitly and would highly recommend him.
So happy to have found Dr. Brettholz. Needed him in an emergency and he happened to have one appointment open that day. But he is so kind, skilled, thorough, dedicated and warm that I will definitely use him as my gastroenterologist from now on. Also the staff is very friendly and the offices are beautiful and modern.
Easy to use and organize in an emergency.
Dr. Brettholz was caring and helpful. The office helped me facilitate a sonogram immediately and the doctor worked overtime to call me with my results.
Dr. Brettholz was wonderful! He listened to all of my concerns and provided accurate info and help. Would recommend him/his office to anyone!
He was very thorough! Gave me more information and recommendations in one visit then my previous gastro did in 10 visits. He really listened to my problems and assured me he will resolve them.
Dr. Bretthholz is extremely thorough and always takes the time to fully assess my symptoms and talk through the treatment plan.
Super understanding and easy to talk to.
We did telemedicine. V smooth.
He was very friendly and listened to my concerns. Everything I want it a physician. He called me later on to make sure I received everything I needed.
Very professional and knowledgeable. Gave me some possible diagnoses and recommended next steps but was sympathetic to the pandemic situation.
Such a great experience. Was seen immediately. Dr. Bretthohlz was super friendly, knowledgeable and implemented a plan of action for my health issue immediately. I was in a rush, so he and his staff did tests as quickly as possible even followed me to check out, to promise out the door in 16 minutes.
Waited less than 15min to be ushered into a room for my appointment. Dr. Brettholz was very nice and professional. He answered all my questions with thorough explanations and provided me with a lot of information about my visit. I never felt like I was being rushed during my visit and would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Brettholz was attentive and knowledgeable.
Dr. Brettholz was very professional, knowledgeable and had a very pleasant and easy disposition. He knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him.
I received the same thorough, professional care I receive at each visit, validating Dr. Brettholz’s rating as the best gastroenterologist in New York. I’ve noticed some comments on your comments page about this doctor, about long waits to see him, difficulty with his staff getting back to patients, etc. Welcome to the world of having a popular, highest-rated New York doctor. With someone of Dr. Brettholz’s ratings, you’re going to have long waits to see him because the best doctors are overbooked – if, like him, they won’t turn away patients. He also spends plenty of time with each patient. His assistants do the best they can with their workload.
Scheduling an appointment was easy. The office staff was courteous and professional. I have complete trust in Dr. Brettholtz. I accomplished what I wanted to do. And that makes it a happier day.
He is my third Gastro because my previous two refused to do more than a test or two, diagnose me with IBS, and prescribe meds that made me super drowsy. Dr. Brettholz understood my worries and made me do every test possible to rule out any other causes of my problems and thus, giving me piece of mind. I highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a proactive and friendly doctor.
Great doctor. He definitely knows what he’s talking about. Very experienced and makes you feel very comfortable. Highly recommended!
Great Dr – asked lots of questions and explained everything thoroughly. Definitely would recommend him. Also, wait was less than 15 minutes.
Staff was incredibly efficient and very friendly. They were ready to see me before I even finished my paperwork. Dr,. Brettholz has such a pleasant and disarming manner. He does not rush the exam and takes time to engage in small talk and pleasantries. I really felt like he was fully engaged and willing to give me all the time I needed to ask any questions. And even though you know he has explained the procedures and preparations thousands of times, I felt as if this was the first time, he was describing what to expect. He is a first-class physician.
Dr. Brettholz is a person who is genuinely dedicated to his patients. I trust him implicitly with my healthcare. I am honored to be his patient.
Dr Bretthotz is an extremely knowledgable doctor. He is also understanding, kind, compassionate, and is definitely a one-of-a-kind physician who is well versed in many areas of medicine as well as adept at explaining results, etc. so that you leave the office feeling well cared for…Your definitely in good hands with him!
He was excellent-professional and personable.
Doctor has amazing bedside manner and caring. Also saw me on time which is great! Office uses iPad type registration system and is very high tech in that regard. Yolanda his assistant and office staff was top notch, they made room for me next day for what was an urgent appt. I was very impressed.
Dr. Brettholz has more experience than just about anyone else in his field. He cares about his patients, and it shows in the time and attention to detail during his appointments.
Once I got into see Dr. Brettholtz, he provided a thorough examination and spent plenty of time with the consultation. The wait to get in was longer than necessary.
I had a consult with the doctor, and he was very thorough and reassuring that he’d be there when I had another episode (unlike my previous gastroenterologist). He was very and personable, as well. Glad I found him.
Very competent doctor! Listens well while at the same time communicating his assessments and treatment options with clarity. Would highly recommend him to my friends and family! Very thorough, compassionate.
It was the best experience. I walked in and 5 min later into my appt. I was in the clinical room. Vitals checked and everything and waited another 5 min for doctor Brettholz to see me!! He’s very knowleagable and is an expert at what he does. I would so recommend him to anyone. His availability is open. You dont have to wait a month or two like some other doctors.
This was just a follow-up visit and I’m doing fine. But let me take this opportunity to say that Dr. Brettholz is not only one of the best physicians in his field, but he is also one of the most compassionate and dedicated doctors I’ve had in my 65 years – and I’ve had the best in New York, who also give him high marks for these qualities.







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