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Reviews Dr. Perelman

Patient Reviews for Dr. Perelman at Vanguard Gastroenterology in New York , NY

Vanguard Gastroenterology Provides 5 Star Health Care Providers and Medical Service in New York City, NY

Patient Reviews for Vanguard Gastroenterology in New York City, NY

Dr. Perelman is empathetic, self-deprecating and a great listener. He really went out of his way to accommodate me.

Highly recommend. The staff as well as the doctor were professional, pleasant knowledgeable, and informative.

The doctor is just fantastic. He listens, do the right questions and make you feel that you are in the right hands.

Dr. Perelman made talking about a sensitive and uncomfortable topic feel so easy! Can’t recommend highly enough.

He has been the most kind, patient and warm doctor that I have seen since moving to NYC. Would recommend to anyone!

Great Doctor listened to my issues and gave me a list of treatment options that helped solve my problems.

Best doctor I ever met, Knowledgeable, excellent bedside manners and I strongly recommend him.

He’s a great guy! Very professional and had a great bedside. I’d recommend him to anyone with any GI issues.

Excellent doctor. Clear communicator and compassionate listener. Very thorough and prompt.

The doctor was very attentive. The staff was friendly. I was seen right away.

My favorite doctor ever!! He actually sits and listens to you and doesn’t rush out.

Appointment went well, with great discussion into what was being recommended.

Dr. Perelman was amazing. Very thorough, personable. Highly recommend.

Wonderful Staff. Very kind, informative, thorough doctor.

I was very impressed with the Doc in all aspects.

Dr. Perelman is professional, respectful and knowledgeable. He listened and explained what the various symptoms could be. He also recommended what procedure would be best towards determining the root causes of my problem. My experience with Dr. Perelman was very positive.

Such an amazing experience and such a nice staff. If it wasn’t for Dr. Perelman, I would have never gotten my gallstones removed and the help i needed. I recommend him 10000% thank you!

The doctor was very knowledgeable and had a good ” bedside manner.” The staff was friendly, and the office was clean and comfortable. I was also seen right away, which was a pleasant surprise!

I was actually happy; I was massively late but yet the staff and the doctor were incredibly nice and waited for me after closing hours. Much thankful. The doctor explained me all the symptoms and the course of the treatment. Huge thank you!

Dr. Perelman was very thorough explaining to me facts about my symptoms and medications. He patiently addressed my concerns about procedures and the medications.

Dr Perelman made it comfortable to talk about uncomfortable things. He drew out a specific plan for suggested interventions and considered my opinion/input. Thank you!

Very welcoming, very understanding.

Really thorough, pleasant, friendly.

I am a kind of person who like to know the details and do not trust anyone (including doctors) when it comes to my body. The number of details and accuracy Dr. Alexander Perelman has explained everything to me was great! After a 20 mins conversation with him I walked out with a peace of mind knowing that I am in good hands – and that is a value you cannot find so easily. Def sticking with him long term.

I had never been to a GI before and Dr. Perelman exceeded any expectations I could have had. He was extremely thorough throughout my visit, and I didn’t feel like it was rushed at all. I really felt like he cared and took the time to listen to me. He’s also super friendly and charismatic which is definitely a plus.

Highly recommended! Very professional doctor.

Dr. P was extremely informative, kind, and helpful during my visit. I certainly did not expect to feel so comfortable or at ease discussing my “situation” many would find embarrassing, which is a nod to his charisma/bedside matter. It’s easy to see that he is not only knowledgeable but also passionate and on the cutting edge, which is refreshing to see in a doctor. Cannot recommend enough! Side note… the office is in the stunning Woolworth building!

Hands down the best doctor I’ve ever been to. He spent 35 minutes with me listening to my concerns, asking me detailed questions, etc. I’ve never had a doctor spend that long with me listening intently to my needs – couldn’t recommend him more!

He spent over an hour with me going through my records and issues. I would highly recommend him. I have never had a first visit with a Dr. that took that much time to truly listen and give valid next steps. Very knowledgeable and funny!!

It was a very thorough appointment, and the doctor reviewed his understanding and my options at length. He was a very pleasant guy and I had zero discomfort with him.

Making the appointment was a breeze. He is a walking encyclopedia! He explained things clearly & showed a lot of empathy. Tests were ordered efficiently. I am much reassured & very pleased to have this doc in my life.

Dr. Perelman was a pleasure. He listens to all my concerns, knew everything off the top of his head, and was quite a funny guy. Look forward to seeing him again.

Dr. Perelman is friendly, caring and clearly explains his recommendations for treatment. He treats you with respect and called me with my test results. I highly recommend him, gave him 5 stars. Great experience seeing a gastroenterologist – that says a lot.

I had a great experience and was given plenty of information about my condition. The wait time was non-existent, I was taken in within 10 minutes of arriving.

1st time seeing Dr. Perelman, he was very attentive and asked questions to really understand my issues. Great visit. I also sent a message through the portal later that evening and early morning he had responded and even made time to see me the next day. He’s been very prompt in all his communications. Highly recommend.

Amazing doctor and great staff! Highly recommend.

Amazing physician. Thank you, Dr. Perelman!

Amazing doctor. I highly recommend.

Dr. Perelman was so kind and spent upwards of 30 minutes with me – answering all my first time GI doctor visit questions and really taking great care in creating a plan for me. so far, the plan has been working and I’ll be going back in a few weeks for a follow up.

I appreciate the warm atmosphere and the professional staff. No matter how good a doctor I have seen, I have always had issues with things like scheduling visits, getting refills sent in, and so on – and it doesn’t matter if my doctor writes the correct prescription if it never gets into the pharmacy. My experiences here with Alex Perelman have been excellent every time.

I was very happy with my visit. I was seen promptly, Dr. Perelman’s bedside manner was professional but warm, and my prescription was called in within minutes of the end of our visit. I felt respected and well taken care of.

VVery professional and thorough. Warm, kind, easy bedside manner. I felt confident I was in good hands and would highly recommend.







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