The Summer Nutrition Edition


Welcome to the new Vanguard Medical Nutrition blog, with contributions distributed from physicians, nutritionists, and most importantly our patients!

My name is Rupa Sharma, MD, a Gastroenterologist at Vanguard Medical Group and welcome again. I have decided to write this blog in order to combine my medical expertise and nutritional background. My family has roots in nutrition back to Ayurvedic medicine; therefore from the beginning of my training in gastroenterology, nutrition has been a prominent force.

Through this blog, we hope to bridge the gap amongst medicine, nutrition, diet, exercise, and your GI health. The equilibrium of your GI tract can be reflected through not only your symptoms, but your health and wellbeing. Food is a key aspect of our society. It brings people together, it creates a forum of communication, and it is obviously the source of our energy.

We will feature different themes, from spices and recipes to new research to ensure that YOU, the patient, are a part of your overall health and diet. With each blog, with a focus on your medical care, we will provide you with background scientific information, nutritional suggestions, and a broad survey of what you can do to make your daily life and overall health even better than before!

Our goal is to bridge the gap. Ayurvedic medicine is based in the herbal and natural roots that have essential components which advance health. This has been a fundamental knowledge for centuries, however only incorporated in small groups within the medical community. Applying these components to you daily diet will not only energize you, but be a preventative measure that you can implement for yourself and your family.

Our series of blogs will be based in science, medicine, health, and life. We want to connect to you and provide you with a portal in which you feel as though you are one of the drivers of your health.

Please feel free to provide feedback- that is what we are looking for! We want to know what you want to know about your GI health. As we progress, with your input, we will provide you with a source for your nutritional and medical needs. Nutrition, to us, represents foundation of overall health. It provides you with one of the key elements in improving your mind, body, and soul. We have found that when patients are aware of the basis of their health, from medications to nutrition, they will be better able to help themselves – to work together to make you as healthy as possible.

Sincerely, Rupa Sharma, MD & Vanguard Medical Group, LLC
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