Take Care Of Your Heart And Reduce Risk Of Colon Cancer!

February is filled with hearts, Valentines and love which makes it the perfect month for heart disease awareness. Heart disease is a broad term that covers everything from high blood pressure to coronary artery disease and even heart rhythm changes. While heart disease can be hereditary, our diets, levels of activity and lifestyle choices such as smoking play a major part and are modifiable risk factors for developing heart disease. Risk factors for heart disease that we cannot change include our age, race, gender and family history. Luckily, changing modifiable risk factors can decrease your risks of developing heart disease and your risks of other diseases including colon cancer.

What Are The Risk Factors?

There are many risk factors for heart disease and colon cancer that overlap including obesity, high cholesterol, poor diets and low activity levels. These modifiable risk factors are somewhat of a domino effect. If you are overweight, especially if you carry your weight in your abdomen, you are more likely to have a poor diet, limited activity and other chronic health problems. While this may seem more overwhelming, it can actually be seen as a good thing. To lose weight you can get more active, exercise and make changes in your diet which will help you accomplish your primary goal of dropping some pounds while decreasing your risks of developing heart disease or colon cancer. Vanguard Gastro can help you with this journey. You can check out our Integrative Weight Management Program here.

Colon cancer is caused by an accumulation of abnormal cells in the colon called a polyp. When polyps are found early they can be removed before they become cancerous or in an early stage. It is important to know your risk factors and talk with your doctor about colon health screenings. Remember, the more risk factors the higher the risk. Other risk factors for colon cancer include heavy alcohol use, high fat/low fiber diets and diabetes.

What Should I Do?

This February take a look at your risk factors for heart disease. Talk with your doctor about your risk factors and changes you may need to make to help decrease your risks of developing chronic heart conditions. And if you are age 50 or over, schedule your colonoscopy today! You can see one of the gastroenterologists at Vanguard Gastro at any of our convenient locations. Make changes to make a healthier you and take control of your health.