Things You Should Know Before Going Gluten-Free

Thinking about going gluten-free? Don’t rush into it. There are a few things you should consider before committing to such a drastic change in lifestyle.

For many, going gluten-free is a life-changing experience. Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity can cause a wide range of complications and symptoms, including digestion issues, skin rashes, hormonal problems, depression and even chronic pain. Once treated with a gluten-free diet, these health issues usually largely vanish.

But for others, this isn’t the case. In fact, in many cases, the “benefits” of the gluten-free diet for ordinary people have been grossly exaggerated. Let’s get into it:

Going Gluten-Free And Losing Weight

It’s not impossible, of course, but far less probable. For those who suffer with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, a damaged digestive system and chronic inflammation can affect weight negatively, thus making a gluten-free diet the optimal choice for weight loss.

But for the 90-95% of people who do not have issues processing gluten, it’s not going to make a big difference. In fact, because so many commercial gluten-free goods are higher in carbs and lower in fiber than their conventional counterparts, lots of people actually gain weight after adopting a gluten-free lifestyle.

Going Gluten-Free Without a Doctor’s Supervision

If you suspect that you have celiac disease, talk to a doctor before going gluten-free. Think of it as a doctor’s prescription. A determination must be made as to whether you have celiac or are simply gluten sensitive. The difference of these two diagnoses can make all the difference in your diet.

You Can’t cheat if you’re truly gluten intolerant

If you suffer from Celiac, gluten-free isn’t just a hip diet trend, it is a way of life. No midnight snacks with the exclamation, “Well it’s just this once.” One single breadcrumb could contain enough gluten to cause damage to your small intestine.

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