What Diet Is Best For IBS

Have you heard that a low “FODMAP” diet can improve the quality of life in people with diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel disease? Millions of Americans suffer the painful bloating and diarrhea associated with IBS and may be asking, “What is a low FODMAP diet?” and “What is the science behind the claim?”

First, the science. In a recent study patients with IBS-D were given an assessment which assigned a quality of life index. Scores were based on a 100 point scale. Of those who followed a low FODMAP diet, 52% showed at least a 10 point improvement and also showed improvements in anxiety and depression. They were also able to increase their activity level.

The thought is that high FODMAP foods – rich in gluten, high-lactose dairy, beans and legumes, and certain fruits and vegetables – cause a two-fold issue in the intestine; one is fermentation and the other is osmosis (the pulling of water from outside the intestine into the intestine).

The list of foods to avoid, limit, or eat is long and can be confusing. This link to ibsdiets.org can help. The most important step in living with IBS is to have a good conversation with your gastroenterologist. The doctors at Vanguard Gastro are experts in the field of IBS and are here to help you! Use this form to request an appointment.

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