What To Know About A Hiatal Hernia

A hernia is a hernia, right? Here at Vanguard Gastroenterology, we specialize in a variety of different hernias including a hiatal hernia. If you have never heard of this type of a hernia, however, then you may not know anything about it. And, if you were recently diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, then you may feel really confused. Let’s take a closer look at some of the basics.

What Is A Hiatal Hernia?

This type of a hernia occurs when the stomach is pushed all the way up into the chest cavity through the diaphragm. Even though we don’t know what exactly causes a hiatal hernia, some patients experience symptoms whereas others don’t.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Hiatal Hernia?

As previously mentioned, only some patients experience symptoms of a hiatal hernia whereas other patients don’t notice any changes. When patients do experience symptoms, they include recurrent heartburn, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, vomiting of blood, black stools, and chest or abdominal pain. If you do experience any of these symptoms, make sure that you contact our office right away.

What Does Treatment For A Hiatal Hernia Entail?

Depending on the severity of your hernia, we may be able to treat it with medication alone. After we do some x-ray imaging, we will have a better idea of the best treatment route. In severe cases, we will perform surgery to pull your stomach back down into the abdomen while making the opening to your diaphragm a lot smaller.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above or if you have a loved one who is dealing with these symptoms, then make sure to contact our New York office today and contact us.