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African Americans Are At Greater Risk For Colon Cancer

African Americans Are At Greater Risk For Colon Cancer

Cancer has many risk factors. Some risk factors are lifestyle choices that are modifiable or avoidable. These would include diet, level of exercise, smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke and alcohol use. But there are some risk factors that you are not able to modify like age, family and personal history of colon cancer or polyps and race. Having type 2 diabetes also puts you at a greater risk which may be avoidable, but once diagnosed can be controlled with diet and exercise so it falls in both categories.

African Americans, both men and women, have the highest rate of colon cancer among any race in the United States. It is unclear why African Americans’ rates of colon cancer are so much higher than that of other races since no genetic mutations have been found that are race specific. African Americans are more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer at later stages, meaning the primary tumor has grown large and has invaded the muscle or abdominal cavity or has even spread to other parts of the body.

Studies show that one reason African Americans’ rate of colon cancer is higher is related to the lack of screening and early detection. With all the technology and medical care available today, this is an astounding statistic. There are multiple types of tests to screen for Colon Cancer. If you are 50 years of age or older talk with your doctor about your risk factors for colon cancer and which screening options are best for you.

Contact the doctors at Vanguard Gastro if you have any concerns about your risk factors. If caught early, colon cancer is one of the most treatable cancers.

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