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Colon Cancer Press Release

Dr. Abhijeet Waghray, M.D.
Tummy Issues – It’s More Than Just Heartburn – Late Night Health Radio
Tummy Issues May Be More Serious Than You Think – Late Night Health Radio
5 reasons your farts smell so bad and what to do about it

Dr. Alexander Perelman, D.O.
So Here’s Why Your Baby Farts So Much
What Are Abdominal Migraines In Kids? Experts Explain
Talk2MeDoc 014: From Poop Jokes to Professional Happiness with Alexander Perelman DO, MS – Talk2MeDoc

Proton Pump Inhibitors: Overused or Necessary?
Breaking Down Our Approach to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Dr. Caterina Oneto, M.D.
Management of C. difficile Infection: The Future Is Coming Tuesday, August 10, 2021 (

Dr. Edward Brettholz, M.D. 
Morning Coffee Show – Let’s Have a Conversation – Let’s Have a Conversation

Dr. Inessa Khaykis, M.D.
Discover Magazine – What Can Your Farts Tell you About Your Health
Knowledia – What Can Your Farts Tell you About Your Health

Jioforme – What Can Your Flatulence Tell You About Your Health
CreakyJoints – Immunocompromised 2021 Holiday Season Covid-19

Dr. Jonathan Cohen, M.D.
An Integrative Weight Management Program (IWMP)
Long Island Radio

Dr. Nooshin Hosseini, M.D.
Top Medical Expert Highlights Colon Cancer Screening on Let’s Talk America Radio
Why Is Everyone on TikTok Drinking Aloe Vera Juice?
Jugo de aloe vera: ¿por qué todo el mundo lo está bebiendo en TikTok?
Here’s an Easy Way to Help Ease Your Gut Issues
Home Stomachache Remedies That Actually Work

Dr. Alex Sherman, M.D.
Straining to Poop? Here’s What That Can Do to Your Butt

Dr. Nancy Chung, M.D.
How Bad Is It Really to Use Wet Wipes?
How To Care for Someone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)







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