What Is FibroScan®?

FibroScan is a medical instrument to diagnose liver disease. It uses ultrasound waves to measure the extent of liver scarring in patients with chronic liver disease. The waves from the FibroScan device pass through the liver and then travel back to the ultrasound probe. FibroScan converts the wave speed into liver stiffness to determine the degree of liver disease. Liver stiffness can be scored on a scale ranging from no or mild fibrosis to cirrhosis.

Chronic Liver Disease

Chronic liver disease can be attributed to various things including genetics, viruses, unhealthy lifestyle choices, certain medications, and pollutants. There are several types of chronic liver disease and the most common are

Benefits of FibroScan®

Many patients who have had a liver biopsy do not want to go through the procedure again. Unfortunately, for certain illnesses, repeat biopsies are necessary. Luckily, FibroScan is the newest technology that doesn’t involve a needle, the risk of complications or pain. The results are immediate and show the evolution of the health of your liver. According to research studies, tens of thousands of patients worldwide have proven that FibroScan is very accurate in determining the stiffness of a patient’s liver.

Preparing for your Fibroscan® Exam

In order to prepare patients should not consume any food within 2 or 3 hours of the FibroScan test. The test will take place on your right side under your arm at the level of your breastbone. Patients should wear a blouse or shirt which can be partially unbuttoned to expose their right side above the waist and below the breastbone.

The FibroScan® Examination

During your FibroScan examination, patients will lie on their back, with their right arm raised behind their head. Your technician applies a water based gel to the skin and places the probe against your skin with a slight pressure. The examination includes 10 consecutive measurements made at the same location. The entire FibroScan test session will require 15-20 minutes and provides immediate results.

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